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Shirin Chopra · 2021-12-30
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Imagine spending endless hours of diligent research, planning, and reiterative approaches while creating & deploying the website considering your visitors to become into potential customers, but ultimately it turns out to be different from way you planned.

If you want your website to increase your conversion rates, then you clearly need to understand how your user interacts with your website. Does he struggle while getting engaged with your website content or are there any factors hampering the website revenue? It becomes very important when it comes to making your website visitors turn into potential customers as we need to consider and analyze their each and every action throughout the website. One can definitely claim that visible facts cannot be denied and at this point the role of session recording gets popped up.

What is Session Recording?

Session Recording is basically a tool to render various website browsing sessions of the users. It provides you valuable information about the user’s interaction throughout the website like mouse clicks, mouse movements, keystrokes, scrolls navigation, etc. These rendered sessions provide exceptional customer analytics and behavioral data which can be used immensely for enhancing overall digital experience.

Every website owner does have the right to gain knowledge about their visitors, how they consider & navigate the website. Being stocked with the qualitative as well as quantitative data, they are likely to attract their targeted audience & increase their conversion rates. And this is the reason why every website owner must have a session recording tool.

With Session Recording, you can execute the following:

  • Analyze user behavior and interaction with the website
  • Visibly spot the issues your visitor struggles with the website
  • Debug UI/UX, Java script errors, network connectivity issues, etc.
  • Promote website optimization for enhanced customer experience & improved product analytics
  • Increase conversion rates & decrease bounce rates of the website
  • Boost Sales and Marketing of the product
  • Increase ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • Improve cart-abandonment issues for ecommerce websites
  • Get in-depth form analysis of the website
  • Recover your revenue problems
  • Get insights of newly introduced feature in terms of UI/UX

Why Should Website Owners Use Amical?

The right kind of session recording software must provide both qualitative as well as quantitative date for making better data driven and customer centric decisions. The more appropriate data you receive, the better marketing strategies you can implement to improve your user journey throughout your website.

At times, you might have crucial data like customer retention rate, churn rate, page per visit, etc. But how can you identify the user behavior & his interaction with the website?

Possibly, website owners would definitely appreciate a visible recording of the user’s website interaction along with the Qualitative data (why user has not bought the product, what error is user facing while using the website, why my conversion rates aren’t increasing?) and Quantitative data (dead clicks, rage clicks, click-through rate, website conversion rate, website page load speed etc.).

Hence, by collectively providing qualitative & quantitative data, Amical helps the website owners to get insightful & customer-centric information which can help in figuring out the factors impacting the revenue & boost conversion rates.

What is Amical?

Amical is a powerful session replay tool which provides user behavior analytics to improve and optimize digital customer experience.

Amical tracks & records entire customer journey throughout the website & then you can view all of those user sessions to analyze what your customer is doing & how are they interacting with the website & its content.

By analyzing the user session data, you can perform necessary improvements or changes to enhance the overall performance which can result in increased conversion rates, website optimization & customer experience.

Key Benefits of using Amical:

  1. Session Replay
    By using Amical, you can view your customer’s entire browsing journey of the website. Through this session replay tool, you get valuable insights of the customer data through the user video sessions by using which you can ultimately escalate digital customer experience, boost your revenue and conversion rates.
    Ex. Supposedly, you own an ecommerce website and you want to figure out why your website contains cart-abandonments. So with Amical’s session replay software, you can view your user’s website browsing videos, understand the pain points for your website’s cart abandonments and you can ultimately improve the checkout process. This automatically results in the improved conversion rate.
  2. DevToolsWith Developer Tools, the website owners can easily keep track of the gauging bugs, JS errors, prevailing network issues, console logs, monitoring application state throughout the session & tracking down the CPU/memory usage, crashes, rendering times, etc.
  3. Ease of Configuration
    It is extremely easy to setup Amical. All you need to do is simply add the javascript code of Amical in the header tag of the website and you are all set to run your session recording tool.

  1. Universal Search
    Searching & segmenting are a great way to specifically categorize user sessions according to your requirements. You can easily search & filter for any user sessions based on various attributes like User ID, Name, Browsers, OS, etc.
  2. Funnels
    The funnels can help you track the user activity from one page to another & helps you analyze the most important customer journeys throughout the website like checkout or signup.
    Below are certain events for considering user path analysis :

The main advantages of performing Funnel Analysis may help you root out the some of the issues like:

  • Decreased Conversion Rates
  • Increased Bounce Rates
  • UI/UX issues
  • Erroneous pages & Broken CTAs
  • Navigation issues
  1. Heat maps
    Heat maps facilitates the website owners to identify the most interacted areas of the application by users. You can view the exact areas of the application/website having the most number of clicks, scrolls, mouse movements.
    Moreover, heat maps use different colors to display the frequency of usage of various website areas. The heat map data are quite accurate & you can get an idea of what is working & what isn’t in your website. If you can get to know what they focus on the most, how they interact with your website content, CTAs & navigation, you can make the most out of these data to optimize your website.
  2. Performance Metrics
    With the metrics, you can see how your users are experiencing and you can easily monitor the new & existing problems of your website like JS errors, console logs, CPU/memory usage, browser crashes, average network speed, page load time line, user session data, revenue insights, visited url, number of visitors, etc.
  3. Error Tracking
    The website owners can view all the frontend issues, analyze & can further prioritize for solving the issues accordingly. The issue types can be Java script errors, Network Errors, Rage Clicks & Dead Clicks. These issues can be further labeled as High Impact/Low Impact/Moderate/Ignored.
    Further, you can also view the detailed information about the issue which includes a replay of the user encountered with the issue. Moreover, you can view network request & response status codes, headers, bodies, network speed, console logs(redux actions & redux state), page speed etc. Also, CPU, memory usage & bandwidth is captured to better understand customer experience.
  4. Remote Assistance
    Amical provides a great customer support experience as you can directly get engaged with your customers through live sessions or instant video meets. Hence, by providing valuable customer assistance at any point of time, you actually increase your chances of converting visitors into potential customers.

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© 2021 Amical, Inc. All rights reserved.